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DG Global Forwarding are not only geared to offer specialist transportation services...

... we also advise and consult on the classification and regulatory requirements for your shipment.

We are able to pack, raise documentation and complete all necessary customs requirements, while strategically planning the most efficient transport routes for all your consignments - globally.

In a world of heightened security and constantly changing work environments, the subject of shipping dangerous goods has become a minefield of complicated regulations and restrictions. This automatically creates demand for the specialist knowledge and experience that DG Global Forwarding has to offer.

We serve all major industries and can handle even the most restricted dangerous consignments whilst acknowledging global safety standards, and ensuring compliance with all relevant transport regulations and legislation.

Our strict ethical codes and the implementation of policies and globally recognised systems allows us to work in a safe and compliant manner to fulfil our customer’s requirements without exposing them to potentially litigious situations. We see it as our responsibility to ensure that public safety and the environment are always consider whilst offering a superior, quality service to our clients.

Quality and Environmental Policies

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Quality Management

DG Global Forwarding currently operates a ‘Quality Management System (QMS)’ that meets the requirements of BS EN 9001:2008. By adopting this internationally recognised quality system we can ensure that our services and operating procedures are of the highest quality. This system is essential to our continual efforts in improving our customer focus, improving the internal management in our quickly expanding organisation and allows us to deliver a consistently high standard of service to all of our clients.

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The Environment

DG Global Forwarding acknowledges its responsibility to the surrounding environment, and constantly seeks to continually improve our ‘environmental performance’. We have been successful in achieving this so far, through maintaining an ‘Environmental Management System (EMS)’ that meets the requirements of BS EN 14001:2004. We regularly monitor our environmental impact through conducting regular internal assessments, and by utilising the services of external companies who review and comment on current and past performance, whilst referencing best practice procedures specific to our line of business.

Health, Safety and our Ethical Policies

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Health and Safety

Due to the nature of the goods we come into contact with on a daily basis, we enforce a very strict, diligent Health and Safety policy. Our policy refers specifically to the importance of people, the avoidance of loss and management control. We have a systematic approach to the identification of hazards, as this is one of the services we provide to our customers. Our Health and Safety policy has been designed to meet the principles of OSHAS 18001:2007 which encompasses strict objectives and goals, whilst enforcing a zero tolerance policy where practices deemed as legally unsafe or litigiously compromising towards the company are concerned.

If you are interested in obtaining a full copy of the above policies please do not hesitate to contact our regulatory compliance department and we will send full details. We acknowledge that it is important to us as an organisation to conduct business in a correct and ethical manner which does not offend customers, or reflect individual views or opinions on matters not related directly to the transportation of dangerous goods.

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Code of Ethics

DG Global Forwarding operates strict policies in line with its ethical codes concerning the way in which we operate our business, whilst acknowledging safety and complying with the legal aspects that apply to the transportation of dangerous goods. We have a duty of care to protect our employees, the public, and the environment and enforce this through responsible work practices that are outlined in our policies.

Corporate social responsibility is an important aspect of our business. We have built strict guide lines and policies which that are implemented throughout all aspects of our operation to a recognisable and auditable standard. Please feel free to contact one of our Public Liaison officers for an explanation of what our policies cover to ensure sustainable corporate social responsibility and how this is applied to our business practices.

Integrity and honesty in all our business dealings are core to the reputation of DG Global Forwarding and the key factor to our ongoing success. We encourage appropriate ethical behaviour as we see this as the responsibility of all persons employed by the DG Global Forwarding brand. It is the purpose of our policy to provide clarity on our expectations in this area. This helps us to continue to be a great company to work for, it also maintains our reputation for exceptional customer service as well as helping us manage the business to a consistently high standard, thus protecting shareholder value.

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